Glyn Lewers

Glyn has lived in Frankton for the last five years. Married to Bridget, with two young boys, one at Remarkables Primary, the other soon to move on from Frankton Kindergarten, to join his brother. 

Glyn started his professional life as a Surveyor graduating from Otago University. Spent ten years in the mine and marine infrastructure industry in Australia, working with some of the largest mining companies in the world, also completing a Civil Engineering degree while across the Tasman. He now resides and works in Frankton as a Structural Engineer, which allows him the advantage of walking to and from work avoiding the traffic.

Living in some of the fastest growth towns in Australia due to the mining and gas booms, he now sees similarities in Queenstown with growth outpacing infrastructure development, housing shortages and social dislocation. "We have not got to the stage where motels are booking half their own rooms to house their own staff, but it can happen, if we do not act accordingly".

With that in mind, Glyn is serious about Frankton's development especially building on what we have, and also improving relationships and outcomes with the main drivers of growth.

Glyn believes a strong voice to our representatives and public service is one way of achieving these goals. This can only be made if the Frankton residents participate in decisions that effect them. Joining and contributing to the FCA is an excellent way of doing this.