Blue Sky Thinking

Frankton Without the Airport?



Inevitable – is this how you’ve heard the debate to date regarding the growth of the Queenstown Airport - and its inescapable noise?  


Come and hear the blue sky thinking of two Queenstown professionals who challenge that “inevitability”.


Architects and urban planners Gillian Macleod and David Jerram will present a plan of what Frankton might look like without the Airport.  


They will also discuss the facts and figures that could lead you to agree that what is inevitable is the Airport's relocation.


Queenstown Airport Corporation’s current plans would mean building totally new airports at both Frankton and Wanaka - only the existing Frankton runway would still be in use. Is that the best investment of hundreds of millions of dollars?


Considering our community’s response to the impacts of QAC’s proposed air noise boundary expansion, is Frankton the best place for an even busier, noisier airport in 50 years’ time?


We look forward to sharing our ideas and research and hearing what the community thinks, because now is the time for blue sky thinking.



Where: Remarkables Primary School

When: Monday, 29 April at 8 pm.

Hosts: Frankton and Kelvin Peninsula Community Associations