The Future is Bright

I am all for for the growth of Frankton as it will create more opportunities for us, more fun things to do and boost our economy.

First of all there will be more opportunities in Frankton for when our generation grows up as right now we are very limited in our career choices. With the growth we are experiencing we will be able to be scientists, surgeons and enter all kinds of professions that you previously had to move to cities to have the opportunity to work in that field. This means that when we grow up, we won’t have to move out of the beautiful place we live in to chase our dreams.

Secondly, there will be way more things to do in town. With the growing population there will be more incentives for the council to build facilities like skate parks and pontoons; more reasons to improve the aquatic centre and the Events Centre. I think this would be a huge benefit to the town as at the moment I feel like there are not many things to do when I am bored at home. There will be more incentives for kids to go out and do stuff, which is always a positive.

Thirdly population expansion will grow our economy. This is important as when more people come to Queenstown they will shop and more businesses will pop up, boosting our economy. This means that there will be much more options for shopping.

To conclude, the reasons I am for the growth of Frankton is more opportunities for jobs, fun things to do and it will boost our economy.

By Finn Cartman - Wakatipu High School Year 10 Student