Queenstown Airport Impact Online Survey

The Queenstown-Lakes District has undergone significant and sustained growth in both resident and visitor numbers. This growth has put pressure on key infrastructure, including capacity at Queenstown Airport. Air services are critical to the district’s economy. However, there are also social and environmental impacts associated with airports and air services. Decisions need to be made to ensure that effective air services can continue to support the district's people and businesses while minimising negative impacts on the environment and the communities they service.

Queenstown-Lakes District Council(QLDC) has commissioned MartinJenkins, to provide independent advice on the social and economic impacts of airport activity, and how these impacts change under different development scenarios. This advice will allow QLDC to make informed decisions on the direction of airport infrastructure into the future. This survey  is designed to complement information gathered from a review of relevant documents and through focus groups. We encourage everyone to complete this online survey. The deadline is Wednesday 11 March.

Here is the link.